Mar 272019

Kane, Doberman Pincher, Bridgewater, MA

Kane’s mom initially contacted me, because he was getting overly rambunctious with her youngest son and it was making her nervous. During our initial conversation she stated that she wanted to know how to control him before he was bigger and older.

Kane wasn’t any different than most young dogs that take advantage of their humans, especially when they know their owner doesn’t have any authority over them because they lack leadership skills.

Because dogs are pack animals, they need someone in their lives that is always in control and can guide them. That has to be their owner. It their owner isn’t capable than they will choose themselves, because in their world someone has to be, period.

Showing Kane acceptable behavior over unacceptable behavior wasn’t as difficult as his owner thought. Once she had the right tools in understanding how Kane perceived things the easier it was for her to control different situations, especially those involving the kids.

Kane may look intimidating, but I can assure you, not only is he a teddy bear, but he is now a well behaved teddy bear. Handsome too!

Great job!

 Posted by on 03/27/2019
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