Jan 082019
Micha, Labradoodle, Halifax, MA

Micha’s owners contacted me, because one of them had never had a puppy and the other hadn’t had a dog in 20 years. They felt they needed guidance on housebreaking, obedience and how to handle Micha, when on occasion, he got “out of hand”.

Training for these owners and Micha went smoothly. The “out of hand” part was simply that Micha needed more space to exercise to get rid of pent up energy. The lack of that opportunity was presenting itself as acting mildly aggressive. I actually hate to even use the word aggressive, because in my opinion he was just being a normal fresh puppy.

Walking your dog is absolutely necessary, but they also need space to run and frolic. That is where long lines come in. When, for whatever reason, going off leash isn’t an option.

Now that Micha can run on a long line, he is happy, healthy and tired!

 Posted by on 01/08/2019
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