Feb 062020
Daisy, German Shorthaired Pointer
Halifax, MA

Melanie contacted me because they had welcomed a new puppy into their family and she wasn’t sure how to address a few issues she was having with Daisy.

As it turned out, Melanie just needed someone to help her harness Daisy’s energy and figure out how to also handle her misbehaviors properly.

There is no getting around the fact that puppies have a lot of energy. What to do with that energy, is what Melanie was having trouble with.

Everyone knows that physically exercising your dog is a necessity, but not all people realize the importance of exercising their dog(s) mentally too. In fact, most dogs will tire quicker from an obedience session than running around a football field, twice. This prescription was just what Daisy needed.

So Melanie and I got to work and as a result Daisy improved and continues to improve. Melanie’s outlook improved too. Now she feels more in control and not overwhelmed, because she gives Daisy the exercise she needs both physically and mentally, which makes everyone in the house happy.

Good Work!

 Posted by on 02/06/2020
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