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Hunter & Lexi, Laborador Retrievers, Middleboro, MA 

Hunter and Lexi’s mom contacted me, because Lexi (black lab) was the newest addition to the family and even though Sue was an experienced dog owner, she felt she needed a little guidance to correct the things she was having difficulty with and maybe to do a little brushing up with Hunter.

We focused on Lexi first and addressed all her puppy misbehaviors. Honestly, aside from Sue wanting to pull her hair out a few times, in my opinion Lexi truly was a good girl. She was a puppy. Welcome to puppyhood.

One of Lexi’s biggest problems is that she wasn’t being mentally exercised. That in exchange gave way to too much pent up energy and no place to put it. It wasn’t enough that she and Hunter had each other to play with for hours on end. She needed more, which is what she found with obedience training.

And even though Hunter hadn’t been formally worked in a long time, it wasn’t long before he picked back up everything he had been taught years before.

I was so happy to spend time with Sue and her beautiful dogs. Even happier that we were able to accomplish the goals we set in such a short time.

The best part was that although these dogs demonstrated how smart and obedient they could be, they still knew how to pour on the “class clown personalities” that only labs can.

Great work!

 Posted by on 07/31/2019
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