Smart Little Girl

Mini, a Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu Mix, Plymouth, MA Mini’s mom contacted me because there were a few annoying things going on that the family wanted to finally resolve.  Sound familiar? I am so proud of this family for wanting to do the work and not let their “little dog” get away with murder anymore like most small dogs do. She might be small but this little girl is a smart cookie.  She took to training like she always knew how to do it but just wanted to keep her owners in the dark for fun. My Mighty Mini.  If she turns up missing, I swear I had nothing to do with it!!!! My little...
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The Growing Pains of Puppyhood

Cooper, Goldendoodle, Scitute, MA Cooper’s family reached out to me because they had forgotten how much work having a puppy was.  It had been a long time since they had one. Cooper’s troubles were simply being a puppy and not knowing what was acceptable and what wasn’t living with humans. In his defense, how else was he supposed to get any attention if he didn’t jump up and demand it? Or use his family to chomp on?  After all, the toys got boring after a while.  Chewing on hands seemed to be a lot more fun and tastier. So we got to work and I’m happy to report that Cooper is a happy puppy who has learned so much, especially how to behave around humans! He is the sweetest boy who just loves everyone and everything. Nice teamwork guys!...
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There’s Always One in Every Family

Mr. Bentley, Boxer, Pembroke, MA Mr. Bentley’s owners contacted me because, although he is their 5th Boxer, Bentley is not like the others.   How often have dog owners made that same statement? Because Bentley’s owners are older, they needed more control over him given his strength.  Knowing how to work under threshold is key.  So back to basics we went. Revisiting what he already knows in obedience and working it on a daily basis will give his owners the upper hand with this powerful boy. Now they are experiencing what it is like to go on a nice walk even when the distractions are at their highest, especially with other dogs. Bentley’s mom is especially happy to be able to walk her boy herself in public. Nice...
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Becoming More Sociable

D’Jango, Siberian Husky, Halifax, MA Jango’s owner, or I should say his very young human grandmother, contacted me because she needed help being able to control him, especially in public. Because Jango’s owner still lives at home with him, it was important to have all family members be able to share in caring for him, which includes walking and taking him places.  So we got to work with obedience training and socialization. I am happy to report that Jango is doing excellent and will be able to enjoy a lot more places than just his own neighborhood for walks. Behaving has it’s advantages!  This summer is going to be a blast! The bonus for me is that since he is a hometown boy, I have a better chance of bumping into him on a regular basis on those walks! Did I mention how handsome he is? Great...
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Gaining Confidence Together

Kai, Shiba Inu, Kingston, MA Kai’s owner contacted me because their 11 month old Shiba Inu had become apprehensive around people, particularly men. We started with obedience training and then began working on socialization.  His owner worked on having the confidence she needed to help pull her dog out of his shell. You can’t be a softy when your dog needs to gain confidence. Kai still has more work to do, but together he and his owner now have the skills they need to face new friends together. You guys make a good team.  Good job! It’s only going to get better from here....
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Pulling on the Leash? Not Me!

  Wally, Pointer/Pit Bull Mix, Scituate, MA Wally’s owners contacted me because taking him for a walk was a chore.  A chore they didn’t enjoy any day.  His recall needed improvement too. So we taught Wally that he didn’t need to drag anyone down the street while trying to go for a nice walk. Now the whole family knows what to do, including Wally’s grandparents who, by-the-way, think it’s pretty terrific having a dog in the family for the first time. Nice Job! Love this sweet boy!  ...
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