Walking Better on Leash

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Jan 292018

Tucker, Hound Mix, Plymouth, MA

Tucker’s owners contacted me because they hadn’t had a puppy in a long time and wanted some assistance.

Tucker didn’t have any particular problems other than a little backsliding with housebreaking and pulling on the leash, so we did some work with obedience and walking.

He’s much better with walking on leash but still has a tendency to pull when he gets excited seeing someone new, so that is still a work in progress.  The thing to remember is that correcting is done through leash work, positive reinforcement and sometimes a collar change because of strength.   But continued practice is always the remedy, which is the case with obedience work anyway.  Practice, practice, practice and when you think you’ve practiced enough, practice some more.

Tucker also learned the place command to keep him from wondering around the studio getting into mischief, so his dad can concentrate on making music.

Tucker is a lucky boy who just happens to have a famous rocker for a dad and a pretty terrific mom.

Keep up the good work guys.



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Training for Safety

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Jan 202018

Jenny, Beagle Mix, Halifax, MA

A friend contacted me to help train her father’s dog, Jenny.

There is no denying there are times that our dogs can get underfoot.   Let’s face it, we all trip over our dogs once in a while.  However, as we get older that can become a real safety concern.

Jenny’s biggest problem was that she would crowd her owner’s space while walking on leash.  She would also pull on her leash which added more of a safety issue.

Training with Jenny was about as easy as it gets.  She is not only eager to please but as sharp as a whip. Look at the attention!

I’m happy to report that Jenny’s owner quickly learned how to properly handle her on leash by directing her with positive reinforcement.

We also worked on door training for Jenny’s safety.  No more darting out the door.

I’m happy to report that these two did a wonderful job and now can enjoy their walks together even more.

I look forward to running into the two of you one of these days while out for a stroll.

Thanks for the chocolate, Joe.  I ate the whole thing! Ha ha





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Isn’t she cute?

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Jan 192018



Nala, Labrador Retriever, Halifax, MA


Nala’s owners reached out to me to help them train their new puppy.  With a face like that how could I refuse?

Nala is a typical fun loving puppy that likes to play and be with her family.  Teaching her and working through the typical puppy behaviors is easy when you are fully committed, as this family has been.

We started with reinforcing the dos and don’ts of housebreaking, which she has done successfully.  Then we moved onto very basic training for now.

Keeping her attention, as with any puppy is limited, so it’s important to be clear in the small window you have during each training session.

She is off to such a great start.  Things will only get better from here.

Thanks for sharing her with me.  I had such a fun time and looking forward to doing more advanced training with her in the near future.

P.S. If you can’t find her one of these days, I swear I have no idea where she could be in my house!! lol




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Our First Dog

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Jan 132018


Georgia, Pit Bull Mix, Bridgewater, MA

Georgia’s owner contacted me because she was the first dog the family had ever had and wanted to make sure they started out on the right foot.

Georgia is a rescue dog from Georgia who was facing her final days if a home or rescue could not be found.  Luckily she was saved and found herself heading north to her forever home.

Her only problems seemed to be approaching other dogs while barking and pulling on the leash.  Once she would reach the other dog, her tail would start wagging and a new friend was made.

So we worked on basic obedience along with getting her out on a regular basis for socialization.

I’m happy to report that she is extremely smart in obedience and seemed to take training in stride, which made the whole experience easier than expected for her family.

To date, her only real problem now is that she’s not thrilled with winter!  I can truly relate.

You all did such a great job and your lives will never be the same now that you share it with a dog.

Best wishes my sweet southern bell.





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Non- Social Barking Dog Fixed

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Sep 212017

Kona, German Shepherd Mix, East Bridgewater, MA

Kona’s owners contacted me because they wanted more for their dog.

They wanted to be able to take her for walks, car rides and outings other than their own neighborhood.  They wanted to be able to enjoy her company.

In the beginning, just being in the front yard was too much for Kona to handle.  She would bark at anything and everything, whether it was something she saw or heard.  She was never at ease to just go for a nice walk or simply be outside having fun.

So we started working on behavior modification techniques and obedience training.

The big goal was to be able to take Kona away on vacation to Cape Cod with the family instead of boarding her for a change.

I’m happy to report that not only was the Cape a success but also the various trips since then.

This family did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be prouder of them and Kona and the strides that have been made in such a short time.

Nicely done!


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A New Family Member

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May 182017

Ana, Chorkie, Carver, MA


Ana’s family reached out to me because they wanted to do it right from the beginning.

Unfortunately Ana was an orphaned pup and didn’t get the benefit of being taught the basics that all moms teach.

We worked on housebreaking and basic manners.

I’m happy to report her family just adores her and are grateful they were able to teach her what they hadn’t with their previous dogs.

Disney’s Ana has nothing on you, little sweetie.

Good work.







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Double Trouble

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Jan 102017


Cudda & Theo, Chihuahua Mixes, Halifax, MA

Cudda and Theo’s owners contacted me because they adopted two rescues within a few weeks of each other and behaviors were starting to reveal themselves.

Cudda still had housebreaking issues at the age of 6 (which is most likely why he was found as a stray).   Getting his owners to realize a crate was their allie took a little persuading, but once they started to see results, the guilt they originally felt seemed to fade quickly.  Establishing a housebreaking plan was also put in place.

Theo was just a happy go lucky kind of guy who didn’t see why chewing everything was such a big problem.

Redirecting these dogs was the easy part.  Doing it while chasing after two toddlers was the balancing act.  But when getting things under control is your priority, it didn’t surprise me that this family got it done.

Cudda and Theo are doing great and are happy they didn’t receive their eviction notices in the mail!

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Jan 102017


Eva, a Shar Pei/Terrier Mix, Halifax, MA

Eva’s owners contact me because they are both avid hikers and wanted to be able to bring Eva with them with the confidence of knowing they could control their dog and be able to enjoy the outdoors together.

Since they were also first time dog owners, they wanted to make sure they were doing the right things the first time around.

I’m happy to report that everyone is doing just fine.


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No Chasing the Horses

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Dec 062016


Niro, A German Shepherd Dog, Plympton, MA

Niro’s  owners reached out for help because they didn’t want him to be out of control with their horses like his predecessor.   So once Niro started demonstrating unsolicited herding skills, they knew they needed help. Getting kicked by a horse was no laughing matter, especially for Niro.

We got to work right away on obedience training along with incorporating a protocol to teach self control while being in the presence of the horses.

I am over the moon with the success this family has had teaching this handsome boy that there is enough space for all the family members and what mom says, goes!

So proud of you handsome. I had all the faith in you.

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Smart Little Girl

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Oct 072016


Mini, a Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu Mix, Plymouth, MA

Mini’s mom contacted me because there were a few annoying things going on that the family wanted to finally resolve.  Sound familiar?

I am so proud of this family for wanting to do the work and not let their “little dog” get away with murder anymore like most small dogs do.

She might be small but this little girl is a smart cookie.  She took to training like she always knew how to do it but just wanted to keep her owners in the dark for fun.

My Mighty Mini.  If she turns up missing, I swear I had nothing to do with it!!!!

My little sweetie!

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