Apr 122018

Kingsley, Yorkshire Terrier, Taunton, MA

Kinglsey’s owner contacted me for help with her new little guy who was causing big problems and on her last nerve.

Fortunately for Kinglsey,  he had to be re-homed because his original owner could no longer keep him, which gave Kingsley a new lease on life and all its wonders.

However, because Kingsley’s original owner never taught him anything or ever took him anywhere, there were a lot of things he had to learn at the age of 5.

One of the biggest problems was that he would freak out when visitors would try to leave.  He would frantically bark at them and bite at their ankles.  In addition, he became very possessive of his new mom when others would simply hug her or come in close contact with her.  He would also bark excessively at every dog he came across (this is still a work in progress).

We used, and are still using, a variety of tools to help change his ingrained behaviors, such a clicker training and the use of a remote collar with amazing success.

I am happy to report that things have significantly changed for the better do to hard work, perseverance, and lots of patience.

As for Kingsley, he is loving his more relaxed life and realizing that making dog friends is pretty great too, all because of training.

I will be dropping in from time to time to make sure things are still on track and to grab a hug!

So happy for all of you.  You guys are proof that hard work really does pay off.





 Posted by on 04/12/2018
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