Mar 272019

Roxy, Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix, Halifax, MA

Because Roxy was never properly crate trained, her mom was missing a valuable ally in her quest to conquer housebreaking.

So we started at the beginning to help Roxy like her crate instead of fear it. Once her attitude toward her crate changed, so did her mom’s guilt about putting her in it when necessary.

Not all people are comfortable crating their dogs, but if your frustration is never ending, because you can’t watch your dog every second, then maybe you could consider trying a crate. There is a big difference between crating your dog and incarcerating your dog. Maybe knowing it’s not forever might give you peace of mind.

Roxy’s housebreaking accidents are now considered history. Not only is she trustworthy in the house, but she’s also more confident with her crate, which has made the entire process a success.

In addition, teaching her some obedience exercises helped her gain more confidence. Now instead of shying away, she is more eager to say hello to strangers. Making her a more balanced and happy dog.

Nice job girls!

 Posted by on 03/27/2019
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