Jul 202015


Phoebe, Labrador Retriever - Bridgewater, MA - She got under control and literally stopped bouncing off the front door when visitors came over. Look at this recall! Unbelievable progress! Nothing but great things from here on out.


Phoebe, Labrador Retriever, Bridgewater, MA


Phoebe was “out of control”.  She was literally bouncing off the front door when visitors arrived.  She was also relentless at mouthing, thinking everyone was a chew toy.

Nothing like a little training and a committed owner to set things right.

She not only comes when called, but she is an absolute lady when visitors come to call.  The only jumping she does now is for the joy she feels being a good girl.

Unbelievable progress!!!   Such good students! So proud of you guys!



 Posted by on 07/20/2015
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