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Lady, Golden Retriever, Marshfield, MA - Leaned to stop chewing on the girls & jumping on them. Yay!

Gizmo, a 10 wk Golden Retriever puppy, Marshfield, MA


Gizmo loved playing with his family and they loved playing with him more than anything.  However, when Gizmo got too excited, which naturally happened quickly with a puppy,  he would play bite and jump on them.   Now play biting might not sound so bad but anyone with a puppy knows that those “needle” teeth hurt and can cause serious injury. Equally true with jumping.  Also if not corrected they will most certainly go into adulthood.  The family knew they had to get rid of these bad behaviors, because they weren’t getting rid of Gizmo.

Well the girls were determined that they were going to train their dog in obedience.  As a trainer it was music to my ears.  Maybe being triplets gave them more determination to work together, so everyone was on the same page.  Consistency was the new big word they learned and how important that word was for Gizmo, so he would understand quicker and easier.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of all of you.  You were all my star students, including Gizmo.  Once he knew what was acceptable and what wasn’t he was happy to comply.  After all he didn’t mean to hurt “his girls”. He only wanted to have fun!

Now it’s just a happily ever after for this family.


 Posted by on 10/23/2015
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