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What Preparations Have You Made for Your Dog?


It is the same old story of procrastination. But have you really thought what would happen if the right preparations haven’t been made, if something happens to you?  Don’t just assume a member of the family is going to take your dog, or any other pet you might have, just because you are family.  They might want to but just can’t for whatever reason.  Now what?

Everyone is different, but if you are a loving pet owner, your animals are just as important to you as any member of the family, because after all they are family too.

You have to have the conversation, speak to an attorney, and have to put things in writing.  Not only to make things easier for the person who will handle your affairs but to make sure everyone will be taken care of in your absence.

Not long ago I received a call from a friend.  She lives in a mobile home park for seniors.  One day, one of her neighbors was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Her other neighbor took her dog.

A couple of days went by.  When she called to inquire about her friend, the only information she was given is that she was transported to another facility.  No further details because of privacy laws.

Now what?  One week became two and so on.  Even the police couldn’t or wouldn’t help.  Then I got the call.

The neighbor couldn’t keep the dog any longer.  He wasn’t a dog person, knew nothing about dogs, the dog was peeing, not vet records, and he was out of ideas.

So I found someone to help me with foster and we took the dog and the dog was eventually adopted into a loving home.

It was only by luck or Devine intervention that it worked out so well. Most cases don’t.  If not for the cooperation of 4 people, the dog would have been left in a house whose furnace had broken, so the place was frozen and the dog would have frozen too.

So make a plan and be the responsible owner you are and are expected to be.  You can’t take chances with loved ones.


Dawn L. Archibald-Corby
Canine Etiquette, LLC



 Posted by on 01/13/2016