Feb 262018

Ellie, Golden Retriever, Plymouth, MA

Ellie’s owner contacted me because she was having difficulties with housebreaking this little cutie.

Even though Ellie’s owner was an experienced dog owner, things were a little different this time with 3 toddlers added to the mix.  How much can one mom juggle?

We got right to work setting up a schedule that was easy to follow, which eliminated accidents almost immediately.

Another issue Ellie had was her severe dislike of her crate.  Trying to get her in it had become a power struggle nightmare. So we worked on a more positive approach and now she loves her crate and going in it has become a breeze.

Only good things for this little girl in the days ahead.

I had so much fun with you guys.  Keep up the good work.




 Posted by on 02/26/2018