Jan 272020

Pam Harrigan is the founder/owner of Pet Animal Ultrasound Services, LLC., so when it comes to helping animals medically, Pam is extremely knowledgeable, but needed a little help when it came to training her dogs.

Maya, Shepherd Mix/Maddie, Beagle Mix
Hanson, MA

When Pam contacted me, she was struggling with a few issues with her dogs Maya and Maddie. She admitted that her dogs ran the house and she felt she had no control over them and wanted to finally change it. But she didn’t know what to do or how to begin.

The dynamic of your relationship with your dog is usually at the heart of most behavioral issues either positive or negative. How does your dog view you? Are you viewed as the dictator, leader or an underling? In Pam’s case I prefer marshmallow.

The first order of business was to introduce the girls to obedience. Case in point, Maya and Maddie didn’t treat me the same way they treated Pam. Proof that being firm doesn’t make your dog hate you. But they just might respect you more.

I’m happy to have been able to spend time with Pam and her dogs. It was so rewarding to see Pam evolve into the leader she has become and the difference it has made with her dogs and their behavior.

So proud of all of you. Impressive!

 Posted by on 01/27/2020
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