Jul 172019
Marley, Longhaired Dachshund, Bridgewater, MA

Marley’s owner contacted me because she was having housebreaking issues but also wanted to expose her to some training.

Upon my evaluation, it was obvious Marley was under-socialized, which is something I see a lot of. Unfortunately her owner didn’t seem as concerned. I tried to emphasis the importance of socialization at this young age, as the natural window of socialization had already closed, and the only thing to do now was to get Marley out to meet people and other dogs. However, week after week I was given excuses as to why her owner couldn’t/wouldn’t take her places.

I am happy that Marley learned a lot through obedience, but I truly don’t understand the disconnect of small dogs and their owners’ lack of understanding that they need all the same things larger dogs need. If you don’t socialize with them, you are depriving them of their natural existence.

I was happy to meet Marley and hope her obedience training continues through practice. However, my biggest hope is that her owner will take my advice and realize that socializing her now is a lot easier than later.

 Posted by on 07/17/2019
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