Apr 092018

Stella, Yorkshire Terrier, Halifax, MA


Stella’s owner contacted me, because she began exhibiting random acts of aggression.  They felt it all started after she was accidentally stepped on my a family friend. Because this is a young family, children visiting is a common practice and became a safety concern.

We quickly identified the triggers that forced Stella to react. Once we had addressed these problem areas, we began practicing specific exercises to desensitize Stella from being fearful and  ultimately stop her reactive behavior.

I cannot stress enough how devoted this family is to this cute girl.  They were determined to “fix” the problem to save their dog.

Stella is proof that not only are small dogs capable of training successfully, but they are also capable of changing their unwanted behavior, in a mighty way!

Amazing work from all of you.  I enjoyed every minute of the time we spent together.

Nicely done!


 Posted by on 04/09/2018
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