May 062019

Gabby, Akita, Bridgewater, MA

Gabby’s dad contacted me, because he wanted to do things right from the start. He wanted to learn how to properly train Gabby to avoid any “problems” that a new puppy can bring.

Gabby’s dad owns an automotive shop in Pembroke, so lucky Gabby gets to go to work with her dad every day. Because of that, he needs her to act properly in the shop with employees, as well as customers who might want to say hello to her.

I have to admit that Gabby was the easiest puppy I have EVER trained. The assumption that Akita’s are head strong, isn’t exactly true in her case. Before we put labels on dogs simply because of their breed, maybe we can give dogs the benefit of the doubt. As a trainer, I always look at a dog’s personality first and then factor in the breed standard, because no two dogs are alike regardless of breed. Once you understand the dog’s capability then you can proceed accordingly.

One label I can place on Gabby is that she was a perfect student. Not only is she as chill as chill can get, but she is a smart “I get it” kind of dog. If you are ever fortunate enough to have a (pre-programmed) dog like her once in your lifetime, consider yourself blessed, because it doesn’t get any better than that.

Nice job you guys. I’ll miss you my “little bear”. Don’t worry Gabby those beautiful ears will stand, promise!

 Posted by on 05/06/2019
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