Nov 122015

Daphney, Yorkshire Terrier, E. Bridgewater, MA - Stopped having accidents in the house & took to obedience training quickly.

Daphne, Yorkshire Terrier, E. Bridgewater, MA

Daphne was skating on thin ice with the continued housebreaking accidents she was having in the house.  Her human parents were first time dog owners and didn’t have any frame of reference  when it came to knowing what was the right thing to do.  They loved her but also valued their beautiful home and didn’t want to see anything more get ruined.  They were at their wits end trying to get her to go potty outside.

After contacting me, we got right to work guiding Daphne in the right direction.  After all, dogs are clean animals so the fact she was having accidents in the house was more of a human error than her purposely going in the house.

I am happy to report that Daphne now knows exactly where to go now…. OUTSIDE!






 Posted by on 11/12/2015
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