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Harley, Bull Dog - Stopped being a bully to his owners when the mood struck him. Life is good and his family loves him more than ever.

Harley, Bulldog, Halifax, MA

Harley’s owners became clients because Harley was showing signs of aggression.  His human mom was starting to become frightened of him, so something needed to be done.

The first thing to know about aggression is that it won’t go away on it’s own.  Leadership through obedience training is a must.  There is no way around it and no magic wand to fix it.  You have to put in the work.  Once you have the skills it is much easier and less frightening to tackle.

Luckily Harley was able to be turned around quicker than his owners had anticipated and now they can enjoy their handsome boy the way it should be.

You can hear more about their story by clicking on Testimonials.

You guys did a great job!  Love him!





 Posted by on 12/11/2015
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