Jul 082019
Theodore, Lhasa Apso
Middleboro, MA 

Puppies will be puppies no matter your current age, which is what my clients remembered quickly after having their dog a short time and that they needed a little help this time around.

Theordore was just doing ordinary puppy things like having accidents in the house and a few other minor issues.

Given that this couple is older they wanted to have a trainer, because they felt, like with everything things change, including how to train your dog and they wanted someone that could show them. Things like you don’t put newspaper down anymore. Who ever thought that was a good idea?

Once these owners realized that they could manage a lot of Theordore’s misbehaviors through training, the more in control they felt, which made for a more relaxed home.

Nice job. Just keep remembering you love him!

 Posted by on 07/08/2019
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