Dog Training Programs


Behaviors including chewing and play biting are included in all programs

Bonus: *discount for multiple dog households*


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 Ollie long leash work

Time to Learn (3) Weeks

(5) Commands

Leash Walking, Jumping, Quiet, Drop It/Take It & Come

Bonus:  Includes Housebreaking

Imagine how happy you will be when your dog no longer has accidents in the house, only chews their toys instead of the furniture and politely walks on a loose leash. Only through training, will you be able to provide your dog the ability to become better behaved. This program is great for those who may be new at training or just want to start with a few basic commands. Get the results you are looking for in a short time. In this program your dog will learn basic commands for proper behavior. Whether you have a puppy or an older dog that needs training, this program is perfect for getting your dog accustomed to training while learning to behave.


Getting Started (5) Weeks

 (8) Commands

Leash Walking, Jumping, Quiet, Drop It/Take It, Sit, Stay, Come & Leave It

 Your dog can be just as reliable as other dogs that politely sit rather than jumping on the kids and their friends or waiting at the door instead of knocking someone over on their way out. This program is ideal for owners that would like more commands to choose from or to use as a refresher for your dog that has past training experience. This program will get you on your way to reach your individual goals. In this program, your dog will be taught to reliably listen through obedience and behavioral commands, giving you noticeably quicker results.


Doing it All  (7) Weeks

(12) Commands

Leash Walking, Jumping, Quiet, Drop It/Take It, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Leave It, Door Training, Heel & Place

Can you imagine what it would be like to have the IDEAL dog? It can be easier to master and more enjoyable than you may realize. Stop letting frustration and embarrassment of your dog’s current behavior discourage you. Politely walking on a leash or coming when called happens as a result of training. This program is for the family that wants the best training experience for their dog. Included in this program is a full array of obedience commands. Having more commands and more lessons will give your dog more benefits with training. The more your dog is exposed to, the greater their reliability will be at home, around family and friends and in public.



Special Situation Instruction Children and New Baby Instruction:
Early training and positive interaction with your dog and children is extremely important. Teaching your dog their place within the family structure can avoid any future dominance or aggression issues toward your children.

Help your dog become friendlier and more at ease by exposing them to positive experiences through training. Having the ability to manage situations will provide your dog with the confidence they need.

Separation Anxiety:
Don’t let fear and uncertainty continue to paralyze your dog. Obedience training is the greatest gift you can give your dog, particularly for anxiety issues.   Having a balanced dog creates confidence which allows your dog the security they need when you can’t be there.

Long Line/Off Leash:
Looking for even more advancement? To provide a wider variety of learning for you and your dog, maybe you’re thinking about doing long line to off leash work. Train to have the reliability you need to go off leash.

Training Equipment:

Instruction with Clicker Training Available.

All basic training is done with a 6′ leash

Advanced training is done on a Long Line

Collars: Buckle, Martingale, Gentle Leader, Training, Prong and Remote Citronella (E-Collar – ONLY at trainer’s discretion) 

Muzzles (To be used anytime at the trainer’s discretion): Nylon or Basket
Not only does it provide safety for those handling the dog, but it also relieves stress on your dog.

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